Episode 1: Night of the Living Horror Cliches

Episode Summary:

In the first official episode, undead legions invade the store and hijinks insue...unsurprisingly before our hosts can begin a review.

Release Date:



– The products highlighted in this episode are:

Higurashi (When They Cry) Boxset (http://www.imageanime.com/whthcrydvdvo.html, $55.98 online; distributed by Funimation entertainment)
Zombie Self-Defense Force (http://www.imageanime.com/zosefodvdmol.html
, $19.98 online; distributed by Switchblade)
Devil May Cry Bluray Boxset (http://www.imageanime.com/demaycrydvd1.html, $47.98 online; distributed by FUNimation Entertainment)
Witchblade Boxset (http://www.imageanime.com/widvdboxsetp.html, $67.98 online; distributed by Funimation entertainment)

– This episode was shot chronologically after Episode 4, which was done earlier that day. It was also intended to be released as the second episode, but when the production schedule was formulated to have the first episode deploy on Halloween, it was reorganized to fit as the first.
– Interestingly, Haruhi and Kyon begin the episodes in almost the same position they ended in Episode 0…equally interesting is the notion that Haruhi storms out on this episode over unprofessionalism whereas Kyon stormed out in Episode 0 for the same reason.
– The beginning and end sequences were originally expected to be longer and broken down into smaller takes, but thanks to ideas by producer Wing Leung, it was condensed into a much shorter, more manageable set of extended takes.
– The “Thriller” dance bit was originally intended as an outtake, but ended up being funny enough to use in the actual program. Related, Mario’s sentiments on the overuse of the routine at Anime Conventions made it into the show via a dialogue direction for Jenni, who in turn inspired his reference to the (still recent) passing of Michael Jackson.
– Originally, a Kanye West cameo as well as appearances by Chris Redfield and Dante (from Capcom games “Resident Evil/Biohazard” and “Devil May Cry”) were a key part of the episode. However, actor unavailabilities and the desire to avoid overuse of Capcom properties caused these to be reworked. Ironically, two Valve properties worked their way into the program in their stead thru the Headcrab Zombie (from the “Half-Life” franchise) and the Witch (the “Left 4 Dead” franchise).


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