Mario Bueno

Mario Bueno

Title: Founder, DEE; Co-Founder and Contributor, DEE CORe

Websites: Personal, LinkedIn Profile

DOB: April 17, 1985

Location: New York City, NY

Saint David’s School (Pre-K through Eighth Grade)
The Browning School (High School)
Hunter College, CUNY (Some College)
New York University (Certificate in Editing, Classes in Production)


Mario is a New York-native actor, vocalist, emcee, and producer specializing in the web and nerd culture driven by a passion for entertainment that defines him

With Digital Era Entertainment’s inception in 2003, Mario would utilize this opportunity to dabble in the production end of things on projects both long-form (“FFvsKBB“, “Doujinopolis“) and short (web advertisements for Aniplex of America). Thanks to these projects, he has been able make a professional impact as both an on-camera talent and all-round production guru.

As Founder of Digital Era Entertainment, his mission in this capacity is to develop a portfolio of diverse projects to allow DEE to take on bigger and better work moving forward as he (and the digital world around him) evolves further.

Expanding on this philosophy, and the brand as a whole, in 2017 he launched DEE CORe, which he had originally planned for release in late-2006/early-2007. With the aid (and regular contributions) of Editor-in-Chief Kenneth Cardez, he oversees the operation, maintains its social media, and guides the project to meet the vision of the original CORe but with a contemporary spin…all while providing additional content when possible.

While mostly focusing on the back-end production elements every week, with the 2018 launch of the DEE CODE podcast (an active content extension of DEE CORe), he can be regularly heard as a featured contributor/guest on the program.