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Published on: August 7, 2007 – 8:37 pm


What the…UPDATES!?

Written by Mario

Well, despite the fact that these were supposed to go up alongside the DEE CORe site, they are now up: most of the interviews from Anime USA 2006…at least the ones I was responsible for editing. ^_^;;;

They’ve been posted on the DEE Blog video section on MySpace (as will all DEE CORe Archival footage until further notice) because of issues I had with the quality of the videos on YouTube. The delay was also caused by the chaos that has essentially rendered DEE CORe in need of an overhaul/reboot, so again, my sincerest apologies to all those who were interviewed and still have not seen the footage. Hopefully any and all future interviews performed by DEE CORe will NOT have this problem. If it does, believe you me- bitches WILL be choked. XD

Still backlogged are the videos from the American Anime Awards (which I don’t have the tapes for), and the remainder of the A-USA ’06 tapes. Whenever they get done, they too will be posted for the sake of legitimacy, if nothing else.

Also, as soon as equipment issues are remedied, expect the redux of an old DEE project to make it’s way to the net….

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