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Published on: October 10, 2006 – 7:47 pm


Updates and Kaiju!

Written by Mario

Hey there everyone!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks since the live news feed was first put up, but progress has been made on all ends of the spectrum, so here’s what’s new:

First off, the connection between this blog and the DEE website’s news page has been firmly established, so if you don’t feel like checking this on MySpace and want to view it from the DEE website (or just want to have your headlines accompanied by an image of a pink bunny on my head), you now can!

Secondly, construction on the main DEE site has continued, and by next entry a search feature, among other key additions, will finally be implemented.

In the world of DEE-perpetuated fiction, a new friend over at YouTube (JoeBobOneHalf) has posted up a clip from the CosplayMemories footage of the groundbreaking second performance of “Final Fantasy vs Kaiju Big Battel” at Otakon 2004. If you’ve wanted to see one of the performances that inspired the DEE promotional fan film but didn’t want to wade through tons of footage to do so, this is your chance! You can view it here:

In the world of purveyors of sources for DEE-perpetuated fiction, Studio Kaiju is running what will no doubt be a huge Kaiju Big Battel event this coming Friday (the 20th) at the Avalon in Boston, MA. Expect at least two or three members of the “FFvsKBB” cast/crew to be in attendence since we had to miss the last event in our home turf due to our being at Otakon to (attempt to) show the film for the last time. For more information, check out or head over to their MySpace page ( We recommend both. Y’know, just because. ^_^

And with that, this news entry comes to a close. Hope to be able to post again soon!

Mario-Ernando Bueno,
DEE Founder/CEO

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