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Published on: January 23, 2007 – 7:49 pm


Shameless Kaiju Promoing!

Written by Mario

Well, it’s a bit delayed, but the results are in from the “Grease: You’re The One That I Want” appearance, and suffice it to say, it ranged from both negligible (in regards to the TV portion) to disastrous (in terms of the use of the weaker song on the show’s YouTube Page without the benefit of the second, much stronger song). That said, this particular issue will be left alone until such time as a proper rebuttal can come to light. Until then, do yourselves a favor, and if you’re not already watching it, go watch “24” instead. It’s better for you. 😛

Also, updates from our friends over at Studio Kaiju…

Kaiju Big Battel

Link it? Love it? Goooood. If you’re able to attend do so, as Kaiju Big Battel shows are quite literally one of a kind outings. And if you can’t, pirate the above banner and spread the word yourself! ^_^ Sadly, Team DEE can’t make it out this time around, but hopefully there will be another Big Battel event at Anime Boston, where Team DEE WILL be in attendance. One can always hope, no? ^_~

Other than that, content wise, nothing new to report as things have returned to the humdrum of daily website negligence, although for once, it comes with pride. Also, in further good news, I can safely say the website will be up for at least another year as the bill came in for site renewal, and it has been all but paid for, so hurrah! Here’s to another year (hopefully of many) for the DEE website!

And who knows…if you’re all good boys and girls (and more funding comes into DEE), perhaps you’ll get new projects to indulge in. But that’s a big “if” for now, so deal with it. 😛

Hope the New Year has been bringing prosperity to you all, and hopefully it will bring some prosperity and well overdue new projects for DEE! ^_^

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