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Published on: October 30, 2009 – 6:05 pm


Welcome to the (Second) Second Renaissance!

Written by Mario

Hello all! As you can see, we recently did a bit of an overhaul to the DEE site, which is why it went down for most of the past month and a half. What’s different? Glad you asked:

– We’ll have much more new content thanks to the new production “Doujinopolis”, which is being created in tandem with Image Anime, a New York City based anime retailer with good ties to the American wing of the industry. In fact, the first official episode of the program launched today, so go to the show page and check it out!

– We’ve integrated the “Final Fantasy vs Kaiju Big Battel” website into the DEE site proper, and will continue reconstructing aspects of it to keep it easy to find this project within the confines of the site. We’ll also be adding other legacy content never before seen as time goes on so that when follow-ups to that content goes up, it’ll be more streamlined.

– We’ve added a whole lot more ways to get in touch with the team, as well as follow us on various social networking/media sites, so check out the links for more!

– Of course, the most obvious, is the fact that we’ve totally redone the layout and made it easier for the team to update content on a regular basis, so we hope you enjoy the new design.

We’ll have more updates as time goes on, so please keep checking back for more news! It’s an exciting time, and we can’t wait to keep sharing new and old content with you as this relaunch continues. ^_^

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