Formed in 2003, Digital Era Entertainment is the brainchild of Mario Bueno.

From 2003-2013, we created multimedia that specialized specifically in fan-made video projects pertaining to Otaku and electronic music culture. Among these works were the trailers/partially completed film series “Resident Evil: Bunny” (2004; HD Remake 2007), feature length fan film “Final Fantasy vs Kaiju Big Battel” (2005), and the webseries “Doujinopolis” (2009-2010).

We’ve also produced advertisements and promo videos for others such as American Cosplay Paradise+Aniplex of America (2010-2011), and co-productions for some of our partners like Uncle Yo (2010 DVD Feature, 2013 web promos for “EctoKittLorean”).

In 2017, we (re-)debuted DEE CORe, an informative-minded venture originally slated for release back in 2007. A livestreamed program for this subsidiary (“DEE CODE”) helmed by DEE CORe Editor-in-Chief Kenneth Cardez launched on January 1, 2018.

As it moves forward, Digital Era Entertainment hopes to expand beyond it’s internet roots, but until then, it will proudly be a creator of easily consumed entertainment media!

For information about Digital Era Entertainment’s staff please have a look at our team profiles.